Publishing is a difficult arena to enter these days, but thanks to the internet, you can at least appear in Cyberspace if not in actual print. I write the occasional article; here's a list of my recent ones, which will be added to over the course of time.

Abstract: this article looks at the plant forms which appear in the architecture of the ancient world

Abstract: a (very) brief history of the maze in garden history

Abstract: the many uses of water (practical, decorative and symbolic) in the gardens of Mughal India



Several of my talks have been recorded by the University of Bath as part of their Public Learning Programme; they can be downloaded from this site:

 As from March 2013, part of the text of "A Nice Cup of Tea". will be used as part of the "Pearson Test" - a test carried out by speakers of other languages to assess their understanding of the English language and their suitability for entry to an English-speaking university course, either here or in their native country.  I am, of course, extremely pleased and flattered that the clarity of my text has been recognised in this way. 

The Snake's Head Fritiliary
(Fritilaria meleagris)
("meleagris = "dice", the chequered flowers resembling a chequered gaming board)
A Roman introduction to the British Isles