Interesting and useful links sometimes pop up in my inbox and I'll share them with you here.  What defines "interesting" and "useful" is, of course open to debate, but on the basis that this is MY website.......!  Until this page really gets going, links may be quite random, but eventually I expect that there will be enough of them to categorise somehow.

"The Human Flower Project is an international newsgroup, photo album and discussion of how people live through flowers. We report on art, medicine, society, politics, religion, and commerce. Written and photographic submissions are welcome." 

The description  (from the site) makes it sound a bit hippy-fied, but its actually a very interesting and useful site.  I found a lot of relevant information on a couple of plants I was researching for a lecture - the Water Hyacinth and Deadly (or Enchanter's) Nightshade that I struggled to find elsewhere.

A new group I started recently on the "Meetup" network.  Its aim - to visit gardens and parks in London, the Home Counties and possibly a bit further.  I admit that I often find it difficult to motivate myself to visit a garden when I'm on my own.  Do you feel the same?  Well, problem solved!  Come join!

Guerilla gardening is, in a nutshell, caring for otherwise neglected pieces of public land on a voluntary basis by cultivating it.  You can do this secretly or openly.  I've Guerilla Gardened at my local War Memorial (see elsewhere on my site) and very satisfying it is too.

A must for anyone interested in the history of gardening.  The GHS used to be rather fustily academic, but I must admit that they've become rather more user friendly of late.  And they have a "links" page of their own that you can easily lose a good few hours investigating!

Homepage of "The Folly Fellowship" - a splendid organisation dedicated to the preservation of our weird and wonderful architectural heritage.

Index page of Birkbeck College's current roster of Garden History courses. Its a shame that most of their day visits are run by someone I never saw eye to eye with personally while doing my Diploma, or I'd go on a lot more of them.

Interesting website about flowers in art.  Disappointingly, I never saw the BBC programme it relates to, and it appears to have gone from their Iplayer archives.  But the site is still interesting. 



Bad service and rudeness are inexcusable.  I "name and shame"

6th January 2009 - I visited what used to be called The Garden History Museum (now the Museum of Gardening) today to check out their recent refurbishment and came away shocked and bitterly disappointed at what I found.  A place which used to cost nothing to visit and which was actually well worth £6 to do so has now turned into something that costs £6 to visit and is worth nothing. I sent an email to their Director expressing concern at the fact that I found the refurbishment unsympathetic to the building itself and about the paucity of items on display, and was shocked to get an extremely rude reply. Suffice to say that I won't be visiting again and therefore regretfully have to designate this once lovely museum as No Longer Recommended. 

23rd February 2009 - I'm a keen buyer of seeds and other garden odds and bods on Ebay, where you can usually get stuff cheaper than buying retail.  I'm gearing up for a Farmer's Market in April locally, where I'll be running a stall selling home grown plants.  I bought some plant pots from an Ebay company called "The All Seasons Gardener" which is the internet offshoot of Highland Garden Supplies Ltd of Inverness.  Their postage charge seemed rather high so, when the parcel arrived, I carefully checked this and queried it with them. A chap called James Moir responded rather rudely:

and i haven't time to debate supplier's policies, pot prices, delivery costs or ebay restrictions on messages with you. 

Charming.  As is my right so to do, I left negative feedback for the company and had yet another email from the silver-tongued Mr. Moir:  

Sadly, we do get the odd one like you every few thousand or so customers. The fact that you can leave negative feedback doesn't actually make you correct, it just makes you small minded, irresponsible and, well, clearly rather stupid. Perhaps you've sussed that tho'.

Unsurprisingly, All Seasons Gardener/Highland Garden Supplies Ltd is: Not Recommended.

 Ostensibly a site through which you can sell your surplus plants, and buy from other private growers. £10 "joining fee" for individuals (not mentioned before you join up, of course).  Seemingly run by people with absolutely no common sense, business sense or web-nous whatsoever.  Awful, practically non-existent customer service.  Not Recommended